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Date: Mon Jul 5 20:36:06 1999

Hey Mike:

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> >For laughs I took a pair of the so called 60W per speakers, opened them
> >and put them on a 50w dummyload and measured them. They did 12W RMS at
> Fry me in butter if I'm wrong, but I think the FTC (Federal Trade
> Commission, the agency in the USA that enforces truth in advertising etc.)
> is pretty sick of these 500 watt wall wart powered speakers and plans to
> apply the same requirements on powered speakers as they do now for
> amplifiers.

Pardon my asking, but where did you hear this? It's just a little hard to
believe, since MS has lied, and lied, and lied about Windows 9x . . . and the
FTC doesn't bother them. Have you ever installed Win 95 or 98 (any release)
and read the "informative notes" which are displayed while the (seemingly)
endless file-copy is in progress?

"Windows 9x makes your computer more reliable"
"Windows 9x makes your computer easier to use"
"DOS programs run faster and more reliable"
"Windows 9x provides the features you want" (sure, Blue Screen of Death)

For a real laugh, "Windows is now (mis) configuring your hardware and any
Plug and Play (Pray) devices you may have"

If the FTC wants to go after an easy target re truth in advertising, they
need look no further than Redmond. IMHO, the claims MS makes are even more
outrageous than those of the Taiwanese speaker guys.

Glen Goodwin
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