OT: Mailreader setups/Re: E-Bay URLs rant

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <af-list_at_lafleur.wfi-inc.com>
Date: Mon Jul 5 21:12:53 1999

My quick .02,

I use pine via SSH on my box at work, since it's been the only way I can
keep mail messages organized and available on the work, home, and laptop
machines. Pine users shouldn't complain too much, since you can set it up
to launch a web browser for inline URL's in mail messages. I have mine
launch lynx by default, but the nice thing about SSH is that you can
forward secure X connections and even a biggie like the KDE web browser
runs surprisingly well over DSL...

But I agree, a one-line description would be polite.


On Sun, 4 Jul 1999, Allison J Parent wrote:

> <I agree. I use PINE, and I've always used PINE. I used Nutscrap mail for
> I use pine via Telnet from work... slow but works.
> The home system runs RDFmail and that uses a no slip or ppp interface so
> going from mail to Nyetscrap is a whole change of enviroment in W3.1.
> A brief one liner so we know if it's worth the effort is not much to ask.
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