RT-11 and TK50's

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Date: Tue Jul 6 07:35:25 1999

>Is it possible to make a bootable TK50 with RT-11, that can then be used to
>install RT-11 if something happens to the Hard Drive? I know there is a
>script that makes a RT-11 install tape, but is that tape bootable?

Sure, just assign BIN to the disk with the completem set of distribution files,
assign KIT to the tape drive (MU0), and do a _at_MUB. The resulting tape
will be bootable into MDUP.MU (a simple utility that lets you initialize
a disk and copy the tape files to it, and then boots the disk.) The
MDUP instructions are in the RT-11 Installation manual - ask if you
don't have the book and need help.

TK50 tapes are also bootable into MDUP.AI, the "auto-install" version.
An auto-install from TK50 takes hours, but it does work if your hardware
meets the AI requirements.

Note that the MUB.COM build file will expect every file that comes on
an official RT-11 distribution to be present on BIN:. You better have
every file, and ideally they'd be those from a "virgin" system. Things
like driver SET commands may make your particular install be "non-virgin".

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