More Minix questions

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Tue Jul 6 08:32:00 1999

<Hmmm, the PS/2 Model 50 is a Micro Channel based system IIRC, which wasn't
<even supported under Linux until recently. Then there is the question of
<what kind of HD does it have? If it's ESDI that might be a problem, thoug
<at 20Mb, I'd guess a MFM drive, which shouldn't be a problem. I think the
<real question is, does Minix 2.0 support the PS/2.

Minix supports 8086 through Pentium. the PS2/50 is 286. The 20mb is MFM
maybe edsi it's oddball so it's hard to tell. Anyway MINIX questions
should really be addressed to the Minix list and Andy Tannenbaum does
reply there so what better source!

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