Advice wanted on Kennedy 9600 and PDP11/23

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Tue Jul 6 10:34:56 1999

I have what claims to be an IBM master alignment tape. I haven't looked at
it in detail in over 20 years, but I just saw it yesterday. Is this
somehing you (or all of you) could use?

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From: Jay West <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Tuesday, July 06, 1999 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: Advice wanted on Kennedy 9600 and PDP11/23

>Now that my TC02 is re-installed, it won't work at all. The select light
>never comes on. ARGH!!! I'll fiddle with it later today since I'm off work.
>If I can't get it working, would anyone be willing to convert some 800bpi
>tapes to 1600bpi for me? The tapes are the initial load tapes for
>HP2000Access (Timeshare BASIC). My 7970E doesn't speak 800bpi, so I need to
>convert them. Of course, the tapes are priceless to me <grin> so I'm loath
>to send them out, but they are useless at 800bpi.
>On the other hand, I was wondering about what is involved in making my
>read 800bpi? ISTR that different heads are needed - which it too much
>modifications to me. GRrrrr....
>>It takes a master alignment tape, a scope, and a resistor network that
>>the outputs from the tape channels. The master alignment tape has
>>that are supposedly well-aligned between all channels, and you tweak the
>>head until you get a nice pattern on the scope. I can fax you a few pages
>>from drive maintenance manuals on the procedure if you're really
>Well, I have the scope (20mhz ok?), but no alignment tape or resistor
>Thanks in advance for all the help!
>Jay West
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