Fwd: Looking for Minisport notebook in AU

From: Doug Coward <dcoward_at_pressstart.com>
Date: Tue Jul 6 14:01:21 1999

 Someone in Australia is looking for a Minisport
Notebook. This is too new for me to have in my
Reply to louise melov <melmedia_at_zip.com.au>
if you can help them out.

>Date: Tue, 6 Jul 1999 07:02:16 +1000
>To: "Doug Coward" <dcoward_at_pressstart.com>
>From: louise melov <melmedia_at_zip.com.au>
>Subject: None
>Hi Doug,
>Remember the Zenith Minisport Notebook with the 2" diskette drive.
>Any ideas where I can get one.
>I tried posting an wanted ad in eBay. Got some bites, but nothing came of it.
>Should I try more auction sites, or is there something better I could do ?
>Eddie R.

Doug Coward
Press Start Inc.
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