RSTS/E <-> RL02s

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Tue Jul 6 19:52:19 1999

  I have gotten RSTS/E V9.1 re-sysgenned on my 11/44 to include
support for RL02s, RK05s, RX02s, and a few other things.

  I have spent some time getting the hardware configured properly.
As a result of the new sysgen, I can now init, erase, and mount the
RL02s. 'show dev' indicates the RL02 mounted, yet when I try to
write to the drive, get a directory, or allocate the drives, I get a
'Device not available' message from RSTS.

  I have tried mounting them /PUBLIC, tried re-initing them, nothing
seems to change. If I try to do anything with them dismounted, I get
'Device not mounted' as you would expect.

  I have the RSTS Orange Wall coming in a few weeks, until then I am
limited to the 'help' facility.

 The RL02s are working fine, I have the docs and specs and have
verified that they are 'OK'. The scratch pack I am using was new and
never used before. During the Init process, I specified
three-pattern initialization, which completed normally in about 15
minutes, finding and marking three bad blocks along the way.

  So... anyone have any ideas? What am I doing stupid? What am I
*not* doing? Calling all RSTS Gurus....


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