From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Tue Jul 6 20:33:40 1999

> Hi. I need help unsubscribing from this list. Here's the deal:
> Currently, I use the addrfess to access eMail.
> I subscribed (and currently use the reply address)
> . However, since then, I no longer have SMTP server that I can access. I
> write eMAil via telnet and use pine. So when I try to unsubscribe, I gert
> an error that I can't unsubscribe because I'm not subscribed.

I'm replying to the list in case anyone else needs to know the answer.

The list-processing software is very inflexible about addresses (you
probably knew that already). It tends to extract them automatically from
the message headers instead of letting you specify them. And every user has
an address that's saved along with some other info like personal name,
digest settings, etc.

The software does come with an option to support alternate addresses (so you
can use another address besides your own but still "be you").
Unfortunately, that option's been disabled by the UW administrators as far
as I know.

It's easiest to just have me make the change. Let me know what you want to
do and I'll do it.

There is another way involving a password -- which is saved with your
personal settings -- but it's clumsy. Besides, I'd have to send you your
password. If you want, I'll be happy to do that (because I never want to be
accused of security through obscurity) but I regard it as a waste of time.

(Obviously, AFAIK there's no "get my password" request; the "change my
password" request would have to come from your old address, and the "change
my address" request requires the password!)

-- Derek

> I also didn't see a 'reply to' option under pine.

If you want to add a Reply-To: header, I think it works like this:

  - Somewhere buried in the configuration settings is a series of options
    about which headers you want to use.

  - When writing a message, move up into the header area and hit Ctrl-R
    for "rich headers". That adds in all the extra headers you configured.

If you want to reply to a certain person other than the default, you have to
start writing the reply, move up into the header area, and then edit the
"To:" line.

> So how canI unsubscribe? CAn someone kick me? Any ideas?

See above. Send mail to (= me, personally).

-- Derek
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