Junk boxes

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 07:50:11 1999

> I'd like to know how people here store their junk parts, as I'm lookin
> for an efficient method myself. For the past several years, I've been
> keeping them in ziplock bags in a plastic box, which is falling apart,
> also is useless for storing anything small.

My setup due to volume and diverity of components is more involved.
I only have a 10x14 room that I use as my office and the wall space of the
garage on one side that I'm willing to fill. In that limited space there
are some 30-40 systems, their spares and 30+ years of electronics from my
radio and analog days.

For some components metal coffee cans where the quantity of one type or
class warrents it. Then there are the 30/40/50 drawer cabinates for small
parts. I also have the ~10x6x1.5" divided project bins, maybe another 12
of those for small volume parts. There are tubes of ICs enough to fill a
14x14x20" box. Then there are the copy paper boxes with larger peices,
boards, cables, disks, old radios, books and whatnot maybe another 12 or so
of them.

Things like cables I used often and small parts I keep at a hand are in one
of three 15x15x16 wood cubes with three drawers and prints are in a larger
three drawer that can hold C sized sheets.

I also have a lot of book shelf space for books! Any my major systems I
used every day are in a wall unit I built (to get 17" depth!) for the PC
and four 3100 series vaxen. Oh, and more books.

Zip lock bags are good for keeping items that must stay together or that
may have many little loose parts. For keeping memories and CPUs that want
anti-static a coffee can with lid works fine.

A decent shelf unit can really help storage too.

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