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From: Steve Robertson <steverob_at_hotoffice.com>
Date: Wed Jul 7 10:58:29 1999

On Wednesday, July 07, 1999 8:50 AM, Allison J Parent
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> I'd like to know how people here store their junk parts, as I'm lookin
> for an efficient method myself. For the past several years, I've been
> keeping them in ziplock bags in a plastic box, which is falling apart,
> also is useless for storing anything small.

I like ziplock bags for small components, hardware, etc... They keep
everything sorted, they keep dust and dirt out, you can see through them,
and most importantly they're cheap. I dump the baggies with similar items
in to cardboard boxes and put them on shelves in a closet. Currently, I
have three closets that are FULL of this kinda stuff.

My refrigerator just went bad and I'm thinking about making a storage
"locker" out of it. I'm gonna paint it to match my equipment racks, and put
different handles on it to make it look more "industrial". It has built in
shelving, it's sealed against dust, it's on casters so it's easy to move,
 and it's already paid for... :-)

The hardest items to store are "books" and "documentation". They take up a
lot of room, they're heavy, they're very sensitive to handling, and they're
often irreplacable. Books deserve the best possible treatment and need to
be kept on good quality book shelves. Prints, booklets, and other small
documents go in hanging folders in a filing cabinet.

Complete systems go in the garage / workshop. This 14' X 25' building is
where I keep the goodies.

Everything gets tossed in to a spare bedroom. I use the (RSS) Robertson
sorting system to keep things organized. I just throw it in a pile and it
magically sorts it's self out. Whenever I go looking for something, it'll
ALWAYS be on the bottom...

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