IMSAI (moving along...)

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Wed Jul 7 20:54:00 1999

"Bill Sudbrink" <> wrote:
> > If this is a dynamic memory board it may not work.
> No it is 8K of 2102 static.
> The system is still flakey as heck. With my limited time,
> resources and knowledge it might take me a couple of years
> to get it working and stable. I'm considering asking Jim
> Willing what he would charge to get it put back together.

Hi Bill
 You should continue on it. There was an issue with what
write signal that the RAM used. It seems like I remember
that my static boards had a switch to select -write or PWR.
One is directly from the front panel and the other is
from the processor board. This is most likely the trouble.
Notice that the phase is inverted.
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