New finds last couple days

Date: Wed Jul 7 23:39:16 1999

> Hi Jim
> Should you ever want to fiddle with DSP's, I have made
> some tools to access the older soft modems that Cardinal
> and Digicom had. There was a ADSP2101 on the Cardinals
> and the Digicoms had either a ADSP2101 or a ADSP2115.
> As an example of how to use it, I had a radio weather-fax
> demodulator that I had done as class project. You'd connect
> it up to your short wave receiver and use some shareware
> code from the net to display the fax on your screen.
> Anyhow, if you are interested, let me know.
> Dwight


  That is pretty cool! But WAY over my head. I am not
very electronics savey. And didn't start into computers
until 1988, at 30 years old. I did manage to teach myself
assembly language programming, though.
The Disk Editor version at my Home Page is more current:
  And speaking of Digicom, if anyone owns a Creative
Labs Modem/PhoneBlaster modem, that is who made it.
And they actually support these modems better than
Creative Labs does.
  Jim Webster
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