WTB: IBM 5150 Portable case/PS and keyboard

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 7 23:36:59 1999

> After getting that email from the guy that wanted the Osborne to turn in to
> a 'portastudio', I got an idea.
> I'm going to be going to college in a couple years, and doubt I'll have very
> much space (especially in the car I have) to lug my full-size tower PC and
> 21" monitor back and forth every semester. I was also sorting through my
> parts boxes, and found I still had a 9" VGA monitor (mono) that I thought
> blew out, a 386 board, and a PS/2 Model 25 keyboard. What I'm thinking of
> doing is getting an old 5155 case, and keyboard, putting in the VGA
> tube/video guts, and replacing the keyboard with the Model 25 keyboard,
> since it's smaller. I'd then take that computer to college, since I'd
> basically be doing word processing (word Perfect), and a bit of web
> browsing/email (Arachne).

College doesnt work this way.

The system that you describe will be more of a hindrance to you than
beneficial. You will be in a dorm, with a roommmate who wont appreciate
this old system. Perhaps the first summer you will return home, but
after that you will have moved into an apartment, probably with a
roommate, but even so, you will then probably keep that apartment
over the summers and take part time jobs. They're called Internships.
So, you wont be lugging your computer home very often at all.

Besides, the odds are your roommate will lug HIS computer to the dorms,
and thus you wont need to bring your's...

-Lawrence LeMay
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