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Date: Thu Jul 8 10:16:00 1999

        Hello from the Bay Area! Thanks to Chuck McManis, I now
have another MicroVAX III board set which will be put to many
useful purposes the moment I get home.

        I have also acquired, in my scrounging travels, a Dilog DQ686
board. It appears to be a QBus ESDI controller. Confirm? Deny?

        I've also acquired two new-in-the-box DEC KRQ50 controller
kits. This is the kit required to put an RRD40 or 50 CD-ROM on a
MicroVAX or MicroPDP-11. It consists of an M7552 controller, the
cabinet and cable kit, a bus grant card, the external cable for the
CD-ROM drive, and an installation guide.

        I'm going to keep one, but I will be placing the second one up
for bid on Haggle's 'Antique Computers' section once I get back to
the northwest (Sunday/Monday).

        I'll be picking up a Northstar Horizon system this morning, so I
gotta scoot. Catch up to you all later.

Bruce Lane, Owner and Head Honcho
Blue Feather Technologies (
"...There's always a bigger fish..."
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