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From: Dave Dameron <>
Date: Thu Jul 8 08:52:50 1999

Hi all,
At 11:10 AM 7/8/99 -0400, Bill wrote:

>That's it really, nothing else of note except that there
>are four components missing: CR1, CR2, CR3, CR4. Each
>next to the corresponding: VR1, VR2, VR3, VR4. It looks
>like they were never installed. Again, I checked the
>voltages and they were 5 volts right on the money.
Many 8K static memory boards had provision for battery backup. Some cards
used S100 pin 14 for this. These diodes were to feed the battery voltage to
the VR outputs. They are not required if you are not using a backup battery
with this card.
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