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Date: Thu Jul 8 21:08:24 1999

Hey Hans:

We're grossly off topic here and I don't want to upset any of the classiccmp
folks (again), but here's my reply:

In a message dated 7/8/99 5:09:02 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
Hans.Franke_at_mch20.sbs.de writes:

> > Not to doubt your word, but as owner of a small PC repair shop, my
> experience
> > (and records) would suggest that the following components have a higher
> > failure rate than power supplies or their fans. In order from highest
> > failure rate:
> > 1) modems -- extremely susceptible to spikes -- our most common repair
> Modemfailure due spikes ? Just out of couriosity - do you still
> have telegraph like overhead single wire telephone connections
> and no protective devices in your area ? (Thats just the only
> way I can imagine to become the modems into #1 failing devices)

I live in Central Florida. To be honest I don't know what protective devices
the local phone company has. We do have old fashioned telephone poles. :>)

I do know this:

---> Central Florida is the lightning capitol of the world -- we get more
than anywhere else. :>(

---> July is peak lightning season.

--> Every summer from June to August, for the last seven years, we have sold
a huge (for us) number of modems, usually installing them in PCs which
contain burned-out modems.

--> I checked our files, and we have replaced more bad modems than any other
PC component.

Perhaps my logic is faulty so help me out here -- what would you conclude,
given the above data? Any suggestions as to what else might be killing all
these modems?


Glen Goodwin
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