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> Which set ? (which boards, a KA650 or Ka655 ?),...

        This would be a 650. I'd like to find a 655, but I'm not holding
my breath.

        No matter... subsequent efforts have netted me a DEC
3000/600 box which appears to be very much loaded with goodies
including the PMAG frame buffer. NetBSD/Pmax should be very
happy on it.

> Yes. it is an ESDI controller, but ...
> there are version of this controller, that can't support the newer drives.
> So don't buy disks, check first. (they can't deal with the freq of the
> modern drives)

        This particular incarnation appears to be a 10 MHz version
(based on my noting what the clock oscillator in the upper right
quadrant of the board is).

        Chuck has already laid claim to one of the KRQ50 kits, BTW. I
may or may not put the other one up for grabs.



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