Surplus Computer Stuff Available

From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
Date: Fri Jul 9 16:45:32 1999

Hi Group:

Time for mid-summer cleaning. My logjam is getting far too big, and I need
to get rid of a bunch of stuff.

I am located in Vancouver, BC. Most of this stuff is large and/or heavy,
and therefore I will insist on pickup, or at least reasonable delivery
distance, say, within a couple of hundred miles.

Some items/systems, such as the pdp-11/60, are at a friend's house, and your
only option in this case, is to pick up. I will not ship 600+ lbs of gear

Please contact me via email ( if you're
interested. I need to clear some space in the basement!

Here's the list:

1. Motorola 6800 development system. EXORcisor system unit, EXORdisk,
non-working SOROC dumb terminal. All manuals, some development boards,
some wirewrap boards. Circa 1975, a neat machine for those into early-PC.

2. Terminal, Tektronix 4017A, 16 colors, keyboard with pre-mouse rocker
pointer. All docs, working. Late 1970s, early 80s vintage.

3. Sun 3/60 system unit, ~150 MB HD and tape. Mono Sony monitor, keyboard,
no mouse.

4. Two Gandalf LDS140 low speed point-to-point modems.

5. MicroVAX 3100 model 10, 100 MB HD.

6. Boxes and boxes of 5.25" DSDD floppies.

7. TK50 tape drives, several, working condition.

8. Two BA23 MicroVAX/LSI-11 cases, no machine, just the plastic shell that
the machine fits into.

9. (Off Topic) Amateur radio gear: Henry 2002 "Tempo" 2 KW 2-meter linear;
Heathkit SB201A 2 KW linear, 80-15 meters.

10. pdp-11/60 computer system, several terminals, printers, disk drives, many
disk packs, tape drive (9 track 6250 bpi), software, documentation. Was
working before being put into dry storage a couple of years ago. This is a
_large_ system, main cabinet about the size of 2 full-size refrigerators,
total lot probably 1000 lbs. You'll need a truck!

That's all for now, likely more to follow.

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