MicroVAX 3100 Problem

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Date: Sat Jul 10 12:01:30 1999

>I started to create a standalone backup this morning aand have a =
>problem. The backup process aborted because of a problem with the tape =
>drive. The drive is now sitting there with all three lights flashing. =
>If I press the 'unload' button all of the lights come on stadily for =
>some time and then start flashing again. =20
>Any suggestions as to what might be wrong, or at least how to diagnose =
>the problem?

Is this a TZK50 tape drive, or a TZ30 tape drive, or something else?

In any event, assuming a TKZ50 or a TZ30, this is often caused
by the leader coming unhooked from the plastic take-up strip. Sometimes
what you've gotta do is manually unload the tape. Let us know which
tape drive is connected and we'll give you some help.

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