New toy!!!

From: Joe <>
Date: Sat Jul 10 13:13:44 1999


At 01:01 AM 7/10/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Whatta score, guy! Those are pretty rare,

   You're telling me! That was the find of the summer! :-)

I don't think I've
>ever actually seen on of these . . .

  Me either. AFIK only Rick Bensene and one other guy have one. AFIK
they're EXTREMELY rare.
>BTW, I'm sorry to have been out of communication with you--
>I've been on the road for the past week, with at least one more
>to go!
>I've been trying to determine the interface of that 8" drive
>of yours, and I have no proof, but by elimination, it's gotta
>be an IPI-2 drive. Can't use it (dammit). These gigabyte+
>SABER's are quite desirable; but I wouldn't be able to interface
>it to anything :^(.

   I've never heard of a IPI-2 interface. Any idea what kind of machine
uses them? If you can't use it, I'll go ahead and post it on the CC list.
Maybe someone there can use it.

  BTW I picked up a NeXT Color inkjet printer. Any interest?
>SO what have you been up to?

  Nothing interesting. I found a HP 9830 (HUGE calculator) with an
attached 9866 printer and some of the accessories. I couldn't get it out
of the pallet so I have to go back for it but I did pull out some of the
little stuff. I got a big book of programming forms for the 9830, a QRG and
three brand new HP covers for it. There's also three HP 7906 disk drives
on the pallet. I think HP made an interface for the 9830 that would let it
use the 7906s but I'm not sure. I'm hoping that they are for the 9830 and
that I can get them and any other goodies. Are you interested in them if I
can't get them? I don't know the specs but thye look like they might be
removeable 14" platter drives. I have to go get my catalogs and look them
up. I'll try to let you know what I find out. I'm hoping they'll have the
stuff unpacked Monday and that I can go back and get it then. I want to get
it before everything gets sold, smashed, trashed or scattered.

  I'm going out tonight to help shoot a fire-works show for the Boggy Creek
Gang. That's a camp for terminally ill children that Paul Newman owns.
Sounds like it'll be a great show.

I've been working 12hr days
>trying to re-code this application I'm working on. How
>about you?

   Still screwing around! :-)

>On Fri, 09 Jul 1999 21:57:53 Joe <> writes:
>> I got an e-mail recently from someone offering me an Esco 31
>>calculator. I'd never heard of one but I decided to take a chance and
>>bought it sight unseen. It came today. The seller forgot to mention
>>it said Tektronix on the back! Yeap, it's a rebadged Tektronix 31!
>>anyone have some instructions for one? Does anyone know where to
>>tapes for these?
>> Joe
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