RRD40 carts?

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Date: Sat Jul 10 12:36:19 1999

> I just got and RRD40 (external SCSI version that I'm going to "downgrade"
> to use with the KRQ50) and it has a very strange loading slot. This makes
> me suspect there is some sort of special DEC CD-ROM holder cartridge. If
> so, is there any source for these? (I've got Sun ones but have never seen
> any others besides them.)

Yep, I've got a few of the LMS caddies that fit the RRD40 left. Get me
your mailing address and one will go out ASAP.

Are you sure you really want to use the RRD40? It's slower than a 1X
CD-ROM... If you can at all get a more recent SCSI CD-ROM that you can
set to 512 bytes per sector (lots of such NEC units show up on E-bay
and at surplus dealers like www.hitechcafe.com) and use, do it. Most
third-party Q-bus SCSI controllers will issue SCSI mode selects so that
you can use drives that are set up for 2048 bytes per sector, even.

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