FS: NeXt color printer

From: James L. Rice <jrice_at_texoma.net>
Date: Sat Jul 10 23:31:53 1999

How much do you want for it? I've been looking for one for my color


Joe wrote:
> Hi,
> Does anyone need a NeXt color InkJet printer? I picked one up with some
> other stuff and I don't need it. I guess it's pretty rare, I've seen a
> bunch of NeXt LASER printers but I've never a NeXt color inkjet before. I
> haven't tested it yet but it appears to be in fine condition. It uses the
> same large ink cartridges that the Apple Color printer and some of the
> Canon inkjets use and it has a SCSI interface. I'm open for trades on HP
> stuff, S-100 stuff or anything else that looks interesting.
> Joe

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