MicroVAX 3100 Problem

From: Pete Joules <peter_at_joules.enterprise-plc.com>
Date: Sun Jul 11 12:49:02 1999

| You'll be 'glad' to know the TZ30 is very informative at this point.

I see ;-)

| According to the manual you've got a drive problem.
| Question, do you still have the tape in the drive? If so can you eject it?
| If you try to eject it, and it doesn't want to come out of the drive don't
| force it.

The tape is in the drive and as I said, the unload button ignores me and I can't eject the tape so I suppose I will have to take it to bits?

Any advice is of course welcome especially as the machine is technically 'on loan' from my employers.

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