Daisy computer ?????????

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Sun Jul 11 15:53:34 1999

On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, Joe wrote:
>This is another oddity that I spotted Friday. It's a black box about 3
>feet high by 1 x 2 feet with 2 chrome legs that stick out to one side with
>castors on the end of them. It has an 8" floppy drive near the top and a FH
>5 1/4" hard drive inside. There were several WIDE ( 60 pin?) ribbon cables
>hanging out of it. Inside at the bottom it has a card rack with about 6 or
>8 Multi-bus cards in it. The label on the outside says that it was made by
>Daisy. Any one have any idea what it is?

  Whoa...that's quite a find. I had a chance to play with one of those about
ten years ago, very briefly. It's a very nice CAD system. I'm almost positive
it's Sun-based, so if it's got multibus cards in it, there's a Sun-2 in there.

  That was a kickin' system when I saw it. I was amazed by its capabilities
and speed. My CAD work at the time was done using AutoCAD on a 10MHz 8088
(v20, actually) machine, and the Daisy system totally blew it away. I know,
that's not saying much, but it was impressive at the time. :-)

                 -Dave McGuire
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