Some qbus scores...

From: Megan <>
Date: Sun Jul 11 18:04:36 1999

This weekend, I scored a couple of boards in the Qbus space...

        o another Qbus music board (93/D8036) (Anyone happen to have
          any programming info on these?)
        o a *dual-high* 1 Mbyte memory board (M7506-BC, MSV11-MB)
        o an MXV11-B (M7195)
        o a DLV11-E
        o a DLV11-F


        o An ABLE corp QNIverter

This last one is really interesting as I got to thinking about
whether there was a disk (either from DEC or some third party)
which ran on Qbus and looked like something supported by a

I think RM03s are supported by the KS10, and I *think* I have
an RM03-look-similar somewhere in my apartment (warehouse).
If this is true (and if I can find the controller), I might just
be able to get a less-power-hungry -10 system going in the
near future.

Can anyone help with information of what is available?

                                        Megan Gentry
                                        Former RT-11 Developer

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