Sinking feeling

From: Marvin <>
Date: Sun Jul 11 19:57:05 1999

Tony Duell wrote:
> > Oh oh, I have one of those sinking feelings in my stomach. Our amateur radio
> > club bazaar was yesterday, and there were a couple of plotters out there. At
> > the end when everything was free, I found a couple of manuals for the Tek
> > 4662 Interactive Digital Plotters, one labeled "4662 Interactive Digital
> > Plotter", and the other "4662 Interactive Digital Plotter (with Option 31)
> > and judging by the pictures, one of the plotters was out there and may have
> > hit the dumpster <sigh>. Next year, I would *really* like to have an 18'
> I will cheer you up a little...
> The 4662 is the same mechanics as the 4661, but totally different
> electronics. The 4662 (I have one, and the manuals) has normal RS232 and
> GPIB interfaces (but it doesn't speak HPGL :-().

I do feel better now! Being a junk-o-holic from way back, I really dislike
seeing anything that might be used thrown out. We shall see what happens
next year, and if I really will have a van by that time :).
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