From: Mike McManus <>
Date: Sun Jul 11 22:42:25 1999

I was a little hasty in my reply. I am going to have an Osborne support web page
and would like any Osborne related items. It will be up by the middle of next month

LordTyran wrote:

> Hello, I have two binders full of every CogWheels newsletter ever printed
> (Cincinnati, OH Osborne user's group). Does anyone have any interest in me
> scanning them and putting them on the web? Or does anyone need any
> photocopies?
> An old senile man from the group handed me the two binders and told me to
> look at them ... I have no idea if this mean they're mine or he wants them
> back... same thing with an Osborne I I'm working on.
> Oh well.
> Kevin
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