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Date: Mon Jul 12 06:34:52 1999

> Plotter", and the other "4662 Interactive Digital Plotter (with Option 31)

Hi, Marvin.

As Tony said, option 31 is not related to the 31 calculators. In fact it is the
multiple pen option for the 4662 - an 8-pen semicircular carousel.

How technical is this manual? I have some manuals, somewhere, I think, but I
need to know the part number for the little gear that bolts onto the motor
spindle in the option 31. (This drives a toothed belt which in turn drives the

This gear on mine is in three pieces (metal hub + two parts of plastic gear). I
tried glueing back together, but the thing dropped a tooth on the belt just
often enough to be annoying. I suppose I can try again, reassembling the gear
more carefully, and tensioning the belt more accurately, but I'd like a new gear

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