Daisy computer ?????????

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jul 12 12:29:13 1999

At 05:35 PM 7/11/99 -0700, Aaron wrote:
>Daisy is the company that bought Cadnetix and eventually went out of
>business. Did you pick it up? I'm not sure how close they are related, but
>I have a lot of documentation for the Cadnetix system I have (but haven't
>been able to get running). Mine is the same; 68020-based system running a
>variant of SunOS under the CAD software.

   I *think* I saw a z-80 and a 68000 CPU in it. We didn't havve any tools
and couldn't get all the way into it.

>As far as the cables, could they be 50-pin scsi cables?

   They might be but I *thought* they were larger. They are shielded so
maybe they just looked that way. They're LONG and seem to be made to go to
something outside of the cabinet.

Mine has an
>Adaptec scsi card and two enormous HD's in it (I think 10 meg apiece).

   It has a large card mounted next to the hard drive. The card looks like
it converts SCSI to MFM for the hard drive and an interface for the 8"
floppy drive. There is a FH 5 1/4" hard drive in it that appears to have a
MFM interface. No idea what size drive it is.

  I didn't get it but I can if someone wants it. I may be going back there
today or in the next couple of days so left me know ASAP.

> Aaron
>On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Dave McGuire wrote:
>> On Wed, 31 Dec 1969, Joe wrote:
>> >This is another oddity that I spotted Friday. It's a black box about 3
>> >feet high by 1 x 2 feet with 2 chrome legs that stick out to one side with
>> >castors on the end of them. It has an 8" floppy drive near the top and
a FH
>> >5 1/4" hard drive inside. There were several WIDE ( 60 pin?) ribbon
>> >hanging out of it. Inside at the bottom it has a card rack with about 6 or
>> >8 Multi-bus cards in it. The label on the outside says that it was made by
>> >Daisy. Any one have any idea what it is?
>> Whoa...that's quite a find. I had a chance to play with one of those
>> ten years ago, very briefly. It's a very nice CAD system. I'm almost
>> it's Sun-based, so if it's got multibus cards in it, there's a Sun-2 in
>> That was a kickin' system when I saw it. I was amazed by its
>> and speed. My CAD work at the time was done using AutoCAD on a 10MHz 8088
>> (v20, actually) machine, and the Daisy system totally blew it away. I
>> that's not saying much, but it was impressive at the time. :-)
>> -Dave McGuire
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