Last call on MassPar, HP3000, etc.

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 13:16:12 1999

A couple of people have talked to me about the MassPar and HP3000, but so
far nobody has taken any steps to acquire them. If they last another 10
days "intact" I will be surprized. Both are located in the SoCal area, and
both could be removed with a small truck (with a lift gate) and a couple
hundred (or so) bucks. The HP though has a good twenty 18" cube boxes of
manuals which will be a load in themselves.

One of the salvage places near me in SoCal picked up a load from SeaGate,
mostly it is the worst junk, cases of Seagate backup CDs, bits of
production overruns, but I did notice a box of drive exercisers (most
likely tape drives, ala something close to 8 mm tapes are around too, 600
mb I think). Interest?

Same place has two or three of those huge old plotters, calcomp and HP I think.
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