Tektronix 31 was Re: New toy!!!

From: Sellam Ismail <dastar_at_ncal.verio.com>
Date: Mon Jul 12 21:14:31 1999

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999, Joe wrote:

> OK, all you guys with Tek 31s out there. What color are they supposed to
> be? Mine is black but there is blue paint showing through the scratchs on
> the case. The only pictures that I have of them are black and white so I
> can't tell what color they're supposed to be.

The ones Hans and I got are a deep blue. No paint. Its the original

> The front panel where the Tektronix 31 name is supposed to be doesn't
> look like it was repainted but there's no logo on mine. Instead there is a
> red and white medalion that says "Survey 31/300" and "ESCO". The medalion
> appears to be smaller than the original Tek logo so I don't think it's
> covering up the logo.

I don't remember that much detail.

> Do any of you have overlays for the LH keyboard? I have two, one is
> plastic and was made by ESCO. The other is aluminium and was made by
> Tektronix and says that it's a User Definable Overlay but someone (ESCO?)
> has painted titles into all the blocks. Both overlays are marked up for
> survey work.

One of ours has an overlay but I can'r remember if it is plastic or not.
It does have spots for custom buttons I believe.

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