Can anyone ID these SEMI chips?

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Date: Mon Jul 12 21:38:31 1999

On Sun, 11 Jul 1999 Doug Coward <> wrote:

>I have was appears to be a memory board made by "EMM".
>It also appears to be Q-bus, at least the power and
>ground seem to be in the right places to be Q-bus.
>Anyway, the board has 64 of these chips, and looking
>at the interconnection between chips, they appear to
>be arranged in 2 groups of 32. The chips are labeled:
> 4200ACC
> 7733
> These are 22 pin chips, made in 1977, but I can't
>seem to find any chip manufacturer named SEMI or
>any reference to this 4200 number.
> Can anyone identify these chip?

I had almost forgot about having a copy of the 1980 IC Master.

Anyway, you have a 4096x1 Static Ram chip

The book lists it as a 4200A made by EMM/Semi:

200ns access
Tri-State output
22 pins
+/- 5v & 12v supply

If they still exist:

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