looking for G111 & G233

From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Mon Jul 12 22:15:06 1999

  Ahh, the only way to avoid being sniped on eBay is to be a better sniper
yourself. :-)


On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, you wrote:
>How'd you avoid getting sniped?
>I'm 0 for 6 on e-bay myself.
>I could just spit.
>On Tue, 13 Jul 1999 02:03:16 GMT Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
>> Well, I went and purchased a 8K core memory board on ebay, mainly
>> because I recognized it as a G646C core memory plane from a
>> pdp8/e or /f.
>> If someone has the G111 and G233 boards that should go with this,
>> but not the core memory, then perhaps i can trade you something
>> for them.
>> -Lawrence (That core plane will work in a Muniac computer too???)
>> LeMay
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