looking for G111 & G233

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Tue Jul 13 14:04:31 1999

Sure, send me your email address and we can discuss it.

Off the top of my head, stuff that I have a abundance of includes:

  Sun Sparcstation IPX computers
  Mac IIci computers (plus ethernet and video cards)
  IBM PS/2 cards and parts (including a populated 8 Meg ram card)
  Sun 3 mice
  HP Jetdirect internal cards. 10BaseT, thinnet. J2552B I think.
  256K Simms ;) (if these become valuable someday, i'll be partying
                  with Gates and Allen).
  Plus old XT and AT stuff (286 accelerator boards for XT's, ram
                            expansion cards, etc).

-Lawrence LeMay

> I'll have to check tonight, but I'm 99.9% sure that I have several spare
> G111 and G233 boards.
> Got anything particular on your trade list?
> Jay West
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> From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
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> Date: Monday, July 12, 1999 9:03 PM
> Subject: looking for G111 & G233
> >Well, I went and purchased a 8K core memory board on ebay, mainly
> >because I recognized it as a G646C core memory plane from a
> >pdp8/e or /f.
> >
> >If someone has the G111 and G233 boards that should go with this,
> >but not the core memory, then perhaps i can trade you something
> >for them.
> >
> >-Lawrence (That core plane will work in a Muniac computer too???) LeMay
> >
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