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>What is the approximate resolution of a 35mm frame?

A typical film has a resolution of 50 to 200 lines per millimeter
(films intended specifically for high resolution technical use may get
twice this, at significant loss in tonality). A 35mm full frame is
36 mm wide by 24 mm long, or 3600 x 2400 pixels assuming a "pixel"
is a "line" and 100 lpmm resolution. But as pointed out, it could
be twice that resolution or half that resolution depending on the

The better lenses, when properly focused and used on a tripod, can
resolve better than 100 lines per millimeter. Your typical point
and shoot lens will be lucky if it can resolve 50.

Now compare this to what a 4 in x 5 in "large format" camera can get:
assuming only 50 lines/mm (something easily done with an 60 year
old lens), you get 6250 x 5000 resolution. Not bad for technology
that was mature over a half century ago.

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