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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 00:57:11 1999

>Also you should be aware that ALL the current cameras
>except the Sonys require Windozes 95 or 98 just to
>download your pictures to a PC. The Sonys use 3.5"
>floppy disk in the camera and save the pictures as
>standard JPEG files.
Not true! Macs handle them just fine. PC Exchange(part of MacOS) lets the
Mac access DOS/Windows formatted disks without any problems(if you're just
reading files, lock the disk first. MacOS will leave an annoying desktop
file structure in the disk, which isn't handeled well by DOS. Not sure what
Win95/98 does with it, presumably something very similair, which is just an
annoying hidden(?) directory). Definitley great cameras. Check out my
Tripod page for my Series/1, many of the pics of the CPU cards were taken
with a Sony Mavica.

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