Cluster rescue tomorrow

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 03:06:19 1999

The Vaxcluster rescue I mentioned previously will take place tomorrow.

Transport will be a 1 ton ute and a trailer. Not ideal, but the roads are
all sealed and fairly good. Just as well, since it's about 130 miles each

Since the tape drives and the disk drives are likely to be bothered by
vibration, the RAxx drives will removed from the enclosures
and put on a padded surface in the tray. The TA79's will have their mechs
locked if possible.
I don't anticipate any problems with the HSC70's or the Vaxen themselves.
The 6000's seem to be almost indestructible, judging by the one I just tore
down for spare parts,
it was a real mess, but everything in it still works perfectly.
Plan is the HSC's and the star coupler will go on the trailer, with the
emptied drive cabinet(s). The rest on the tray.
I will be taking a DC40 digital camera and documenting as much as possible
of the whole thing.
Pics will be posted to our web site (running on a Vax!) early next week.
I'll post a URL when it's ready to go.
I have not had the luxury of an onsite inspection, but AFAIK, the cluster
consists of
1 x VAX 6240
1 x VAX 6410
1 or 2 HSC70's (2 I think)
2 x TA79's
1 or 2 SA??? with RA9x and RA7x SDI drives.
1 x Star Coupler
Assorted CI cables etc.
Was running VMS 6.2 when it came off DEC maintainenance in September 98.
The company has it in a warehouse now, rather than the computer facility,
and I will have a forklift to load up, but only muscle power to unload.


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