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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 10:25:15 1999

Hi Jeff,

>....that the DG AViiON would be a great addition to any
>....1. The ultimate Orphan. One of a small handfull of machines
> to use Moto's 88000 CPU chipset.

VERY interesting, I've never managed to find a machine which uses that chipset.
What other machines came out using the 88000?

>3. Runs DG/UX (subspecies of UNIX). Can't get much cooler
> than that.

Good point.

>....1. Make sure you get the software with it, as replacements
> are hard to come by, and ludicrously expensive.

Sounds rather like my AS/400.... :-(

>3. No free operating system available for it (no LINUX or *BSD).

Is this because the technical info required for such a project isn't available,
or hasn't anyone gotten around to it yet?

It seems the former is true in the case of the AS/400. :-(

  TTFN - Pete.

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