digital cameras

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 14:26:35 1999

> However, what I do recall is that while they're OK for use as full-scale
> snapshots, the film is too grainy for enlargement. I learned about this
> when I used the negative film from Polaroid. I've concluded that the
> quality of the photos from this technology is not as high as what's wanted
> by users of digital photography in general, i.e. I doubt it's up to the
> quality of the 640x480 resolution of the Sony cameras.

Looking at a polaroid (I managed to get one within the last
few minutes), I think the usable resolution is way more than
1200 pixles per row (say more than 200 lines per inch).

Just I never have seen any Polaroid other than these special
'scope units or the tourist cameras, so no interchangeable Lenses.


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