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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 13:45:49 1999

>DOS and Windows don't care about the extra directory, which contains
>the resource fork of your Mac files. In some situations, you might
>want to convert your Mac file to MacBinary format, a way of wrapping
>the data fork and resource fork into a single file (in the DOS sense)
>for preservation or transmission.
They don't care about it, but at least with DOS it does show up
occasionally. Also uses up several kb of disk space. Not much, but
noticeable when you're as wierd as I am. Anything to speed up a sneaker
net. Packing small text files into that last 2 or 3kb on the floppy...
As for the MacBinary stuff, it doesn't really matter. At least for images.
If you are going to store Mac stuff on a PC, use Dropstuff to compress and
the binhex the file if you nee to preserve the resource fork. Text and
image files don't matter unless it's a special format. Images only loose
minor things like previews and comments when moving from Mac to PC.
Actually, works quite well for stripping off all those huge previews. Cuts
file size by a third in some cases!

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