digital cameras

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 02:10:13 1999

>Did anyone ever try this:
>I have a JVC VHS-C camcorder that has full-auto settings (leveler, focus,
>lighting, etc.). It also has a snapshot feature, where it'll capture a
>Use the video camera to take 'pictures', then connect the video output to a
>good quality video capture card, and 'capture' the still shots.
>Has anyone ever tried this? I was thinking this may be possible, since I
>already have the camera, and I can get a vid cap card for about $50

It worked OK for me using a Hi8 Canon into a RasterOps Video card in my old
Mac IIx (surprize, on topic reference). I went direct, never tried taping,
used plenty of light, and only static objects (my bare foot actually. As a
joke I uploaded the image to a photo area on Compuserve and got requests
for some more images. Weird people out there.)
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