VCF Re: TEK 31 was: Re: New toy!!!

From: Joe <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 08:18:00 1999

At 06:34 PM 7/14/99 +1, Hans wrote:
>And for the ride to VCF, why don't you east coast guys
>join and buy some kind of group ticket for plane or
>Amtrak ? Or jut rent a Van ? 3 days driving (lets make
>this 5 days, including some dumpsters to dive :), great
>talks _and_ enough space for the 'small' findings at VCF...

   That's a good idea but we're too far apart. I think Christian is in up
state NY and I'm in central Florida so we're nearly as far apart as it is
from here to VCF. At moment I'm saving my money to go to a conference in
Portland at the end of August and I can't afford both trips.

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