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From: Tom Owad <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 06:01:26 1999

>Yes, this is exactly the point that should have been raised first. We are
>spread far and wide it seems. Kevin Stumf is about the closest to me as far
>as the folks on this list whom I know their hometowns. He's over in
>Kitchener, ON and that's about 3 hours drive. Another fellow on the list
>(who's a relatively infrequent poster here and forgot his name [sorry!!])
>lives east of here in Ithaca and that's about 3.5 hours away. Pittsburgh is
>3 hours too. There're several close together around Boston region though.
>Everybody else of us Easterners are farther yet from me so it truly is more
>difficult to keep personal contact unlike some of you Westerners who seem
>to be pocketed in SoCal, NoCal, OR, WA. This is a big continent for sure.

I'm in York County, PA. Anybody else from Pennsylvania or Maryland? How
about New Jersey? I get the impression there aren't many computer
collectors there as I've gotten more (and better) computers from Jersey
than from here in Pennsylvania.

Tom Owad

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