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Date: Thu Jul 15 11:40:11 1999

>> As Tony said, option 31 is not related to the 31 calculators. In fact it is
>> multiple pen option for the 4662 - an 8-pen semicircular carousel.
> I was sure happy to hear that!!! Seeing something dumpstered is bad enough,
> but to find it is something relatively rare is enough to bring ulcers ... or
> is it continued paranoia about getting rid of stuff!

The 4662 was considerably more popular than Tek's computers and calculators, I
think, but that doesn't mean there are loads of them out there...

>> How technical is this manual? I have some manuals, somewhere, I think, but I
>> need to know the part number for the little gear that bolts onto the motor
>> spindle in the option 31. (This drives a toothed belt which in turn drives
>> carousel).
> I took another look at the manuals, and one is labeled "Programmer's
> Reference Manual" and the other is "Operators Manual." As I browsed through
> the manuals, I didn't see anything relating to the mechanical portions of
> the plotter.

Programmer's Reference is the manual I have. Mine is a photocopy of a
pre-release draft, I think, but it fulfils its function pretty well, so I won't
ask you to send me your copy unless the only alternative is the trash.
Operator's I may also have. Probably won't tell me much of use anyway.

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