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Date: Thu Jul 15 12:27:38 1999

>>> Of course, if you're using a camera better than a 35mm
>>> (say, a Medium Format or Large Format camera) you just put
>>> a polaroid back on your camera and you're there.
>>> At least here in the US, if you check out the swap meets and
>>> flea markets it's easy to find an older 4x5 Crown Graphic with
>>> good quality lens and 4x5 polaroid back for a few hundred $.
>>> I got mine with a 127mm Ektar, a truly excellent lens from the
>>> late 40's.
>>I've never seen that, but it's interesting -
>>so how is the picture quality ?
> Top-notch. I regularly make 16" x 20" enlargements from the 4x5 negatives.

If as is often said, a 35mm negative will blow up to around 12*8 inches without
visible loss of detail, expect a medium format negative to blow up to 19 inches
square (or 19 inches * whatever your other dimension is), and a large format
negative to blow up to 42*34 inches. The exact size you can achieve will depend
on your film and equipment, though.

One of my favourite photos (that I've taken - it was on my Yashica with a 2.25
inch square negative) I have had made into some 20 inch square prints and they
look stunning.

>>And most important, where to look ?
>>For this kind of stuff I'm a complete newbie.
> There's a web site just for folks like you:
> It includes the Speed/Crown Graphic FAQ, and pointers to where you
> can buy these cameras and parts.
> Again, I don't know about Europe, but here in North America *every*
> decent professional camera store will have large format stuff, including
> at least some selection of Crown and Speed Graphics.

The shop in London where I bought my Hasselblad is an excellent place, if you're
ever near there. It is called "Teamwork" and it is in Foley Street, about 1/4
mile due west of Goodge Street tube station. It is packed full of 5*4 inch and
larger format cameras - my Blad must have been the smallest in the place! (a
map of the area can be seen at if you have
a graphical browser)

Also in London is a shop called "Nicholas", quite close to Mornington Crescent
tube station. I don't know how good it is - I gave up after waiting outside
half an hour when the sign in the window said "Back in 20 minutes". Eventually
I concluded that this was a typo for "Back 1h 20 minutes" ;-) The only good
thing to happen that day was the girl I met, also waiting for the shop to
re-open ;-) ;-)

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