Help ID this RAM chip?

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Date: Thu Jul 15 20:48:22 1999

>>Have a bad one in an OMNIbus memory card. DS9804PC Got to love some of
>>these numbers...?
>>Figures as a 1Kx1 static(?) RAM part, but I have not been able to cross
>>reference it in the couple of closest books I have at hand. Anyone have
>>any clues on this one? (before I have to start signal chasing?)

>Well A few years ago I searched (with no results) for data on a (National
>semi. type markings, but no logo.) DS9408 which was in a S-100 card and
>apparently the same as a 2102. Sorry it doesn't match your number.

I have to admit that the "DS" from the part number does make it sound
like National Semiconductor stuff from the mid-late 70's, but I don't
see it listed in any of the databooks here.

Many "DSnnnn" series chips show up on DEC boards, and I think at least
some of them denote hand-picked chips from a more "conventional" part

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