TRS-80 Model III Programs?

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Fri Jul 16 14:11:28 1999

"Jason " wrote:
> Does anyone have any Programs for the Model III on disk That they would
> either want to sell or cold email me a copy (teledisk)? I have some various
> old PC and a few old Mac programs that I'd be willing to trade (either
> through email or snail mail -email me for a list of what I have, or I could
> post it to the list).
> I'm mainly looking for word processing/spreadsheet software and maybe some
> games.

Well, you might take a look at Ira Goldklang's pages at
<>. He's got quite a lot of the old stuff
for the 1/3/4 series. Even better for the technical stuff such as
LDOS and the Misosys line is Tim Mann's pages at

(Tim's xtrs emulator for Linux is the reason that the only MICROS~1
material on my P133 notebook consists of a couple of ROM images --
and the old Big-5 arcade games work just fine).
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