Video standards (was Re: digital cameras)

From: Jason <>
Date: Fri Jul 16 22:10:02 1999

Well.... I was given the camera for free with the understanding it didn't
work at all. Once I did get it working, it didn't work all that well. The
viewfinder was starting to go bad, and the tape door lock was broken (duct

I think I still have the camera part somewhere in a box. I figured that it
wasn't worth trying to fix the 'second half' of it. From what I remember,
the camera had standard RCA connections, so it would be good for a
video-capture camera.

Talking about video capture.... and video standards... On my video card,
there's three plugs: VGA, composite, and S-Video. What is S-video? my
video card didn't have a manual with it, so....

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>Couldn't you get the head drum anywhere? A lot of them are still
>available - the TV spares place I normally deal with has head drums for
>VHS and Betamax machines going back to the late 1970's. Prices are pretty
>reasonable - a 2 head VHS drum for a 3V01 or something is about \pounds
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