Pix of the classics (was Re: digital cameras)

From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Fri Jul 16 22:20:36 1999

On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Tony Duell wrote:
> This isn't meant as a flame either. But if we return to classic computers
> for the moment, I've not seen a digital photo of _anything_ on a web page
> that I consider useful. Scanned in diagrams, sure. But the average photo
> of a classic computer doesn't have the resolution to read all the labels
> on the case, let alone work out what the circuit boards or chips are.

Ummm... OK, I'll take that challenge. How much bandwidth DO you have? My
camera is easily capable of capturing images at this level. If you really
want to read the IC numbers and resistor color codes, I've got the space to
post it.

But honestly, how many 2+MB images are you (or anyone else for that matter)
going to download? And what type of content are you looking for that would
be considered "useful"?

<BG> 'Real world'... (that amusing qualification since part of what I do
in 'real life' is web design) seems to want 'eye candy' and quick page load
times. So... until everyone is universally blessed with multi-MB/Sec
connections, we continue the search for the mythical 'happy medium'.

On my site at least, that did not change one whit when I transitioned from
my 35mm to a digital camera...


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