Video standards (was Re: digital cameras)

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Date: Sat Jul 17 21:01:18 1999

Hi Tony:

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> > > and used it to get more colours). And that the luminance resolution
> > > (bandwidth) has to be limited to prevent the colour subcarrier from
> > > causing annoying moving lines in the image.
> >
> > Is this what causes the infamous dot-crawl on the Spectrum?
> I'm pretty sure it is, yes.
> People moan about the poor quality of computer displays on TV screens,

Thanks for the information. I picked up a TS 2068 a couple of months ago and
haven't had time to find out what causes the screen crawl. And no moaning
here -- it's handy being able to use a common household TV set for a monitor
(though I'm moving to an RGB monitor soon :>).

Thanks again,

Glen Goodwin
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